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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Illuminati Celebrities Exposed

    The Illuminati are generally powerful and rich people, not a lot of celebrities are members of the Illuminati. Just because the Illuminati controls the music and film industries, does not mean that all celebrities are members. Celebrities do not sell their souls to become famous, the Illuminati believe in God, they just fear God. The Illuminati will kill anyone, anywhere at anytime to get what they need. The people that are “Anti-New World Order” and speak out against the Illuminati will be murdered like 2Pac, and most recently, Michael Jackson. 2Pac and Michael Jackson were going to warn the entire world about what the Illuminati are planning. If you look at the title of 2Pac’s album “The Don Killuminati” for example; 2Pac was referring to the Illuminati in this title, Kill + Illuminati. The Illuminati have killed 2Pac, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Jon Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, John F. Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, Princess Diana, Martin Luther King, the list goes on.

    Tyra Banks
    Tom Cruise

    Kanye west And Tom Cruise

    Selena Gomez

    Paris Hilton
    Nicki Minaj

    Miley Cyrus
    Megan Fox And Marilyn

    Marilyn monroe

    Medonna Frozen

    Madonna And Britney Spear kiss

    Lionel Richie

    Lindsay Lohan

    Lil Wayne

    Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga And Elton John

    Kylie Minogue Wearing Illuminati Dress

    Kim Kardashian

    Khloe Kardashian
    Khloe Kardashian’s new “racy” photo shoot for YRB contains themes regular readers will surely recognize. Khloe’s right eye is hidden in every single shot, hinting, through repetition, to the symbolic importance of this “stylistic choice”. As we have seen in previous articles, hiding one-eye represents a celebrity’s status of being owned and used by the Illuminati system. Furthermore, the entire “bondage” theme is always a preferred way to represent a celebrity’s “slave status”. Here are some of the
    Underneath Khloe’s head in a bondage-type “mind-control” mask is written “I now have the power”…clear example of cognitive dissonance where being portrayed as a slave equals power.
    Kelly Rownald

    Katy Perry

    Kanye West making sign

    Justine Beiber

    Jordin Sparks

    Jim Jones

    Jennifer Lopez Making sign

    Pink Illuminati

    Jay Z

    George Michael


    Eva Longoria

    Emma Watson

    Daft Punk Illuminati pyramid

    Christina Aguilera

    Chris Brown

    Celine Dion

    Britney Spears



    Angelina Jolie

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